White Rabbit Makes Washing Laundry Fun Again

Most people would not mention washing laundry on their list of favorite pastime activities let alone going to the laundromat. It is time-consuming, boring and inconveniently necessary. Luckily, launderettes all over the world have paid attention to this phenomenon and have started to transform laundry washing into a less dreadful, more cheerful and uplifting task city dwellers even look forward to.

One fine example is without a doubt The White Rabbit Wash House, located in the City Bowl of Cape Town. It has been up and running for over 20 years, though, it took Richard Griffin before the launderette actually went through a head-to-toe Asian-style Kitsch make-over. Richard who…? Well, he is the owner of the Zingara Group to which the astronomically successful eating experiences Madame Zingara, Sidewalk Café, Don Pedros, Bombay Bicycle Club and a few others belong to. He has also been a faithful client to The White Rabbit for years. Realizing that his laundry bills were skyrocketing he did the math, bought the launderette and gave it a little bit of Griffin-Kitsch.

The White Rabbit Wash House The White Rabbit Wash House The White Rabbit Wash House

Now, individuals and hospitality industries alike can wash their dirty underwear, tablecloth or uniforms in an awwspiring environment with Internet facilities. Their claim to “always wash wash the best for cheap cheap” may be true as students, pensioners and restaurant staff receive discounts and make this hip and chic place affordable to all the surrounding city residents.