Wanted: Interns!

Er kan ook in het Nederlands gereageerd worden!

We, the people behind Pop-Up City and the PechaKucha Night Amsterdam, are Golfstromen, a concept office for marketing and urban culture. We are currently looking for two fresh and inspiring interns. We are an Amsterdam-based agency focused on innovative concepts for urban life and culture, and developing new strategies and concepts for campaigns, events and the urban atmosphere. As an office we run a lively and trendsetting webmagazine, Pop-Up City, and we curate and organize the notorious PechaKucha Night series in Amsterdam. We’re looking for interns who can team up with us to run projects like Pop-Up City and the PechaKucha Night, but who are also interested in participating in other and new projects and ideas. Currently we have room for two interns.

1. An intern with editorial skills and specific interests in the fields of lifestyle, innovative marketing, urbanism and architecture. An innovator; someone how loves the city and is up to things, who is able to find original cool stuff and loves to write about it and reflect on it on in an intelligent way. As we work with plenty of different web platforms we look for people that are Internet-wise and know how to work with CMS (mainly WordPress) and hopefully even a little more. You will participate in different projects and you will be involved with writing, editing, and organizational and research work.

2. An intern with webdesign experience. This year we will have several websites and platforms that are begging for a redesign or transformation. We are looking for an intern who’s second nature is online and loves to eat code, who is able to independently do construction and maintenance work (the technical and structural parts) and knows how to make things looking good. You will work on both assignments for clients as well as on our own websites that need powerful, innovative and super new re-designs. You are able to create WordPress templates and you have decent PHP, CSS and jQuery skills.

Both interns will work together and will team up with our current team. From time to time they will work with partners and co-workers in our network.

What do we offer?
We offer a great learning experience, and a lot of practical work with big responsibilites and opportunities to share thoughts and generate creative input. We are a small but growing office with interesting projects and a great network in the spatial, cultural and creative scene in Amsterdam. We work from a great location in North Amsterdam which we share with a variety of other artists, creative people and small offices working in the fields of culture, architecture and design, which generates a great dynamic atmosphere to work in. Being involved in our projects will ensure a good introduction in the creative and cultural scene in Amsterdam.

We are flexible and open to proposals on your side, regarding working hours and input. If you are interested in any of these positions please write an email with your background and motivation to studio@golfstromen.nl, together with your resume and what else you find important (favorite website, biggest source of inspiration, you name it). Applications in both Dutch and English are welcome. Deadline: 15 April, 2011.