Uncon­ventional Dinners In Theatrical Scenes

What do you get when you combine theater and food? London-based set designer Alice Hodge and chef cook Ellen Parr created a series of unique dining experiences with The Art of Dining. Here, dinner is served in London’s hidden venues that have been transformed into theatrical scenes.

The Art of Dining’s goal is to entertain guests by combining food, theatre, music and art in an unconventional way. The creative minds of The Art of Dining met each other at Glasgow University, and have been working together by combining their passions for set design and food ever since. While gourmets can probably taste the Middle Eastern and Spanish influences in Parr’s food, Hodge here set designs are characterized by interactive elements and close attention to details. Uncountable locations, ranging from National Trust houses to warehouses and from gardens to community halls, have served as the setting for The Art of Dining’s events. It’s the combination of these factors that makes it a unique exprience for many.

The Art of Dining The Art of DiningThe Art of Dining

Every pop-up is different, and lasts between a week and a month. Previous pop ups included most unlikely themes, such as A Night With The Mistress, The Servants’ Supper, The Colour Palette, Gone Camping, The Engine Room, and Forest Feast. Hodge says she visits museums to become inspired for new  themes. In addition, she picks venues in London that aren’t always accessible to the public. This adds to the excitement and uniqueness of the experience during the event.

The Art of Dining The Art of Dining The Art of Dining

The Art of Dining is a great example of the popular all-consuming experience as a night out. This combination of food and entertainment is a great alternative for your ordinary restaurant date. Next up will be the 80s Office Party. Want to join? Don’t wait too long!