Urban Calm

In 1892, Nietzsche emphasised the importance of calm and spacious places in cities for people to contemplate. With our cities getting more crowded, noisy and polluted, quietness is becoming a luxury in rapidly urbanising areas.


Antwerp to Quiet Traffic with Noise-Cancelling Fountains

The City of Antwerp is planning to install new fountains in the Brilschanspark to help reduce traffic noise. The fountains will generate a calming sound that will help to shield residents from the noise of the nearby highway.

Quiet Parks International

Tranquility: An Underrated Commodity in Cities

More and more city dwellers are experiencing health problems due to noise pollution. It's time to talk about an undervalued urban commodity: the right to quiet places.

Parc de la Distance

Maze-Like Park Is a Calm Place in the Middle of the City

Parc de la Distance is a finger print-shaped park designed to escape the city in the middle of the city.

Tainan Spring

Derelict Taiwanese Shopping Mall Becomes an Urban Lagoon

Architects MVRDV have transformed an old Taiwanese shopping centre into a lush lagoon and park.


Giant Indoor Lawn Creates a Space for Daydreaming and Playing

The indoor-outdoor experience brought together architecture and digital soundscapes to make its guests feel the very best of summer.


Put Yourself on Airplane Mode With This Puffer Jacket

New York fashion brand The Arrivals has created a puffer jacket that blocks cellular and GPS signals on smartphones.


Peugeot Wants to Power Electric Cars With Urban Noise

It almost sounds too good to be true — Peugeot's new billboards are capable of recycling city noise into electricity for charging electric vehicles.

Red Rooftop Provides Calm Space for Reflection

Linz-based Urgent.Agency created an art installation that wants you to explore the rooftop as a space for calmness and reflection in the city.

Hush City

Find Peace and Quiet in the Hectic Urban Life With Hush City

Is quietness becoming a luxury in urban areas? The Hush City app maps quiet places in cities to help people unwind.