Senior Cities


How Co-Living for Midlifers Will Shape Tomorrow’s Housing Market

Co-living is no longer a millennial thing. Israeli startup Willa believes that empty-nesters are the next big target group for a new generation of housing operators.

LEGO Grandma

‘LEGO Grandma’ Makes Urban Spaces More Accessible for Wheelchairs

In Germany, 62-year-old Rita Ebel is making public spaces more accessible and inclusive by making wheelchair ramps with LEGO bricks.

Senior Playgrounds

How Cities Are Keeping the Elderly Happy and Healthy With Senior Playgrounds

Inspired by a long-standing feature of Chinese public parks, cities around the world seek to keep ageing populations healthy with dedicated senior playgrounds.


Exoskeletons Are Giving Japanese Senior Workers a Lift

While Japanese society is rapidly ageing and facing a shortage of workers, the elderly can now strap on exoskeletons to meet the physical demands of their jobs and keep working as they age.


Graffiti Grandmas Spice up Urban Space With Colourful Street Art

LATA 65 introduces graffiti to a group of street artists you wouldn't imagine holding a spray can in a back alley.

New Ground

First Senior Co-Housing For Women Only Is the Future of Independent Ageing

Many elderly don’t want to move into a care home or be dependable on their children, but still want to live where they feel happy and supported. Pollard Thomas Edwards helped to create such a place.

Posh Club

At The Posh Club, Nobody Is Ever Too Old to Party

The Posh Club is a daytime "nightclub" for the elderly. Something that started as a tea party in a front room has now transformed into a whole community aimed at fighting loneliness and isolation.

Urban Elevators and the Rise of the Grannyscape

Architecture studio VAUMM has designed an urban elevator that keeps the city of Errenteria accessible to the elderly.

Town Square

These Town Squares Bring Elderly Right Back to 1950s America

This California-based nonprofit has explored the needs of urban elderly in relation to the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Their treatment will now include 1950s American town squares.