This Laundromat Is A Bar Too

Since some time, people have begun to acknowledge the excruciatingly boring nature of going to the laundromat. Watching your dirty clothes spin in circles whilst sitting next to people who, with a mesmerized look on their face, are doing the same, is not the most thrilling affair in the world. For people who would like some excitement during their laundry, there is the Wasbar, a combination between a laundromat and a bar.

Belgians like their beer, we can say that for certain. They apparently like it so much that they now officially brought it into the laundromat. The Wasbar in the Belgian city of Ghent is a very well designed (albeit it not very creative) mix between practicality and recreation. It offers a bar that is full of people drinking their beers or sipping their coffee waiting for their laundry to finish (or just people who like to come by for a pint).

Wasbar Wasbar Wasbar

With its pastel colours and homey interior as a stark contrast with the nightclub-style laundromat we’ve written about before, the Wasbar caters to the kind of people who like to feel at home even when not being at home. Every week in the Wasbar is different, inviting musicians and DJ’s to liven up the washing party and throwing events where people can get together and be creative while waiting. We for one would like to see how the folded clothes look after a few to many drinks from their owners.