The Old Walls Project Tells New Stories

Nature is evolving and it has been doing that since its very beginning, approximately thirteen billion years ago. We take this for granted. What we don’t take for granted and is therefore very interesting to look at, is how man-made things also keep evolving. One great example is street art around the world and how it keeps changing in an organic way. Albert Boido noticed this as well, and in the early 1990s he set out to photograph street art all around Milan. Now, he has returned.

The Old Walls Project features an amazing set of photo comparisons that show how street art around Milan has evolved over the past twenty years. Sometimes you can still see figments of what once was and at other times the whole thing looks exactly the same as it did two decades ago. Looking at how new artworks have been influenced by what previously was painted on the wall is very inspiring and finding comparisons between the two in theme and style is almost a game in itself.

Old Walls Project Old Walls Project

When we talk on this blog about how the world is going to change city-wise in the future, it is sometimes good to stop and think about elements like these as well. Will this art be preserved and if so, who will do so? It is almost touching to browse through the website and see how new street artists keep the work of the generations before them alive by paying tribute to a time that seems like an eternity ago. We believe that we should all take this as an example in our future endeavours.