The Next Campsite Is A Honeycomb

A group of designers from Belgium have presented a new solution for festival lovers to spend the night in a comfortable and relaxed way. Their modular B-AND-BEE sleeping cells are a cross-over between a Japanese-style capsule hotel and a campsite.

Designed by Compaan and Labeur, the honeycomb structure of the B-AND-BEE consists of modules that can be stacked upon each other to create a rather intimate and compact beehive camping skyscraper. Developed with festival lovers in mind, the capsule hotel is made out of steel, wood and canvas. All this creates a protected environment for those wo have to spend a night at a place where many others have to spend the night too. B-AND-BEE takes little space and can be set up quickly. Each cell contains luggage storage space, a locker, a light, and a power supply. The cozy kingsize bed doubles as a comfortable lounge seat. Compared to a tent the best thing about the B-AND-BEE is that you don’t have to set it up yourself, and that you don’t have to carry all the stuff around.


Only one year ago the concept won a design competition in Antwerp. The first six stacked B-AND-BEE cells were launched at DOK during the Gentse Feesten, a yearly cultural festival in the Belgian city of Ghent. Interesting about the B-AND-BEE is that it seems to be the urban alternative to a festival campsite in rural areas. Over the last years more and more festivals of all kinds are organized, also in populated urban centers. Setting up a traditional festival campsite is not an option in most cities, and that’s where this concept provides an interesting solution.