The Next Big Thing In Cardboard Camping

Most tents are made from nylon or cotton and last for a couple of years. But if you use your tent only on a festival campsite and don’t like to carry it, set it up and take it with you afterwards, then you might want to use a KarTent, the next big thing in cardboard camping.

KarTent is the solution for this new generation of campers. Made completely out of cardboard, the KarTent is a tent for temporary use only. It’s meant for people who like to go to festival and camp there, but don’t want to buy a tent for other occasions such as hiking or holiday camping. The tents easy to set up, easy to throw away and comfortable according to the makers, who describe their invention as the Ferrari under the cardboard tents.

KarTent KarTent KarTent

KarTent is a solution for the enormous amount of trash that’s left behind on a festival site. A KarTent stays dry for four days, which is just enough for most festivals, and the material will be recycled after the tent has been used. Because of its material the tent’s canvas is perfect for printing, which means that people can have their own unique message, picture or pattern on their tent. It also allows festival sponsors to get involved in a creative way. Last summer KarTent has been tested on several outdoor festivals, and there’s a big chance you’ll see more cardboard tents this year.