Take A Chair Anywhere

Young Spanish designer Jorge Penadés recently presented a foldable chair that can be worn like a backpack.

The Nomadic Chair enables its user to have a seat anywhere. The thoughtful system of simple material connections, that are based on traditional wooden joinery makes it easy to set up a chair within about two minutes with a few small gestures. “Luxury is not any more a matter of comfort”, says Penadés, explaining the idea behind the foldable chair. “Nowadays, luxury is to be able to decide where you want to have a moment of peace, a chance to escape from hectic activity of contemporary lifestyles.”

Nomadic Chair by Jorge Penadés Nomadic Chair by Jorge Penadés Nomadic Chair by Jorge Penadés

The Nomadic Chair is part of a larger Nomadic Seating Series, which is a development project that has emerged from the designer’s Nomadic Studio graduation project he presented last June at Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Arts Plàstiques (ESDAP) in Barcelona. Jorge Penadés is currently investigating new possibilities of temporary furniture in order to create a collection of pieces within the same principle, understanding furniture as itinerant objects rather than static.