Spread The (Underground) Word!

It is often said that, if you have something on your mind, you should speak up. Whether it’s anger or fear you’re feeling, or maybe you just want to compliment someone, it’s best to share it with the people around you. And what better place to do that than one with many people — like, Union Square subway station in New York for example?

Subway Therapy is one of the many (commissioned and non-commissioned) art projects that Union Square subway station has seen over the years, and it taps perfectly fine into the idea of ‘sharing your thoughts with others’. How? Well, the colourful sea of post-its on the walls should tell it all. Uncountable people, both residents and visitors, have put up simple post-its on the subway station’s walls over the last months. Each post-it contains a personal message, whether it’s one of concern, love, fear or advice.

Subway Therapy Subway Therapy

Especially after the election of Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America, many people wanted to speak their mind and shared their feelings, resulting in a booming increase in the number of post-its. Like we’ve seen with other project, such as Ondergronds, the subway seems to be a suitable (at least often-used) place for people to turn to with social experiments.

Subway Therapy Subway Therapy Subway Therapy
Subway Therapy

All Images by Michelle Young from Untapped Cities

Nevertheless, we mustn’t underestimate the value of projects like Subway Therapy. It’s a relatively easy way for people to express (deeper) feelings and share those with others, while it also offers suitable ground for interaction, conversation and discussion. And hey, be honest, all those coloured post-its make up for a really nice piece of ‘art’, right? Hopefully the future will be just as colourful and positive!