We collaborate with public and private partners to research today's urban challenges and the opportunities they create for governments, enterprises and citizens.

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Stadverlaters & nieuwe ruralen

Stadverlaters & nieuwe ruralen

In de afgelopen jaren hebben we onderzoek gedaan naar het fenomeen stadverlaters. In dit rapport kijken we naar hun drijfveren en de kansen die deze trend biedt voor het platteland.

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Everything Is Cancalled Except the Future

PUC × AndCo

Everything Is Cancelled Except the Future

In partnership with AndCo we explore how remote working will shape tomorrow's retail, hospitality and urban space.


Rooftop Futures

In collaboration with Amsterdam's rooftop festival ROEF, we're exploring the hidden potential of the urban roofscape.

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Pop-Up City: City-Making in a Fluid World

Our first book tells an inspiring story about the rise of pop-up culture and how it's changing the way we make cities.

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