Powernap Shelters For Tired Drivers In Peru

One in three road accidents in Peru are due to driver fatigue. The problem is that there are hardly any places along the highway where drivers can rest. This inspired Chilean home improvement warehouse store chain Sodimac to create a powernap shelter right underneath one of its large billboards.

Created by advertising agency McCann, the Sodimac Resting Shelter is a one-car garage decorated like a bedroom, where tired drivers can take a quick nap. The shelter isn’t just a safe and secure place to rest, drivers are also offered free Wi-Fi, coffee, and a sleeping mask. And the best thing is: it’s free.

Sodimac Resting Shelter Sodimac Resting Shelter Sodimac Resting Shelter

This flashy Sodimac billboard features a lit-up arrow that points drivers to the Resting Shelter. All a driver has to do is pull of the road and drive their car into one of the bedroom-styled garages. Sleep tight and drive safely!