Pop-Up Bar Closes After 10,000 Beers

A brand-new pop-up bar has opened its doors in one of downtown Amsterdam’s narrow streets. The place is called PAND10 and you better go there soon, because the bar will close after 10,000 beers.

Not the time is important this fresh temporary bar, but it’s the thirsty visitor who decide about its lifespan. As soon as the last of 10,000 beers is consumed, the place shuts down immediately. This leads to an interesting paradox — the more populair the bar will be, the sooner it’s gone. Right this creates an interesting phenomenon in the heart of the pop-up trend. It questions its own relevance and capacity to adapt.


We went there to get our beers and bites before it’s too late. Interesting about the bar is that it doesn’t have the style that you would expect from a pop-up bar. No concrete, no plywood and no cardboard, but a chique and classic interior that breathes the atmosphere of an early 20th-century members club. This does’t quite fit the pop-up idea, but makes the experience probably even stronger.


PAND10 serves ten different special beers from all over the world — all numbered from #1 up to #10,000. Along with the beers the bar serves very tasty small dishes cooked by Hotel de l’Europe’s Michelin star-winning chef Richard van Oostenbrugge. Moreover, the bar serves special wines, sodas and G&T’s are served (for those who want the bar to stay open a bit longer, because those drinks don’t count). Our beers were numbered #1349 and #1350 (among others), and the waiters expect the bar to be open for at least one more month. So there’s still some time left! What will happen with the space after the final beer is sold is still unclear.