Plug-In Capsule Hotel Gives New Life To Vacant Building In Moscow

A while ago we featured the Sleepbox, a movable, 4-square meters capsule that functions as a comfortable and modern hotel room. The concept’s best feature, that it can be ‘plugged in’ anywhere, has been brought into reality as its designers have transformed a vacant building in downtown Moscow into a true Sleepbox Hotel.

Arch Group developed the Sleepbox to give people the opportunity to take a nap in busy urban environments like airports, train stations, and shopping malls. Nevertheless, the capsules now also prove to be able to regenerate a derelict building. The four-floor Sleepbox Hotel contains 46 sleeping units for up to two people on the second and third floor, and 10 single-person boxes on the top floor.

Sleepbox Hotel, MoscowSleepbox Hotel, Moscow Sleepbox Hotel, Moscow

Every Sleepbox is equipped with a bed (of course), as well as a TV set, LED reading lamps, and sockets for charging laptops and mobile phones. All modules are mobile and can be installed anywhere inside the building — they only need a power connection. Showers and bathrooms are shared. The building’s ground floor accommodates a lobby, reception and storage area. Although every aspect of the hotel looks and feels very futuristic, modern and clean, it’s still very affordable. The designers of Arch Group explain that they have built the hotel at a minimum of costs:

“While working on the design (…) we aimed to create something absolutely different from the rest of Russian hotels. We wanted to make it so that even experienced European visitors make a booking here without hesitation. As for the expenses we sought to ensure that technical realization of this project was cheap so that the lodging cost could remain on minimum level as planned.”

Sleepbox Hotel, Moscow Sleepbox Hotel, MoscowSleepbox Hotel, Moscow

The Sleepbox Hotel wouldn’t be there without business man Leonid Chernikov, who came across Arch Group’s idea while he was searching for innovative ideas to create modern, low-cost sleeping accommodations in Moscow. The architects explain that it took over a year to find a good location that can be easily found by tourists. The first Sleepbox Hotel is located near the city’s Belorussky Railway Station, near the Kremlin.