Vending Machine Offers Flowers 24/7

24 Flower is the latest addition to the 24/7 retail ventures in Amsterdam. Located near the creative NDSM Wharf hub, the store operates just like Amsterdam’s famous FEBO vending machines, but on a purer level — pick your favorite type of flowers, insert the money and instead of getting something deep-fried, you’ll take home a colorful bunch of Spring.

The flowers being offered come from the shop’s own greenhouse or from local floral producers, and are equipped with a freshness indication sticker. Green is for ‘first class’ (tulips will last for 10 days) and costs €10, blue is for ‘original fresh’ and you can enjoy your tulips for 7 days (€7.) Lastly, orange is the cheapest at 4€ and ensures 4 days of freshness.

24 Flower vending machine

24 Flower vending machine

The flowers are packed in a practical way, making it very easy to hang them on your bicycle’s handlebars — no need to worry about taking the bustling ferry back to central Amsterdam afterwards! The packaging is tasteful and very pretty making it an ideal gift that is already wrapped. Perfect if you’re lazy like us! A nice add-on is that for each bunch of flowers sold, 24 cents will be donated to the Villa Joep fund for children that are diagnosed with neuroblastoma childhood cancer.

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