Theater Group Launches Pop-Up Crosswalk To The Arc De Triomphe

La Place de L’Etoile (also known as Place Charles de Gaulle) is the most dangerous roundabout in Paris. Everyone who has ever visited the Arc de Triomphe knows what I’m talking about — the authorities kindly advise visitors to take the tunnel to the monument instead of crossing the road. Theater group X/TNT came up with a great idea to raise awareness for the issue and to provide a (temporary) solution. Watch the video to find out how they built an instant crosswalk to the Arc de Triomphe…

This performance art project somehow reminds of the guerrilla crosswalks by Florian Rivière. Last Spring the urban hacktivist went on the streets of his hometown Strasbourg to sell light-weight rollable crosswalks that are easy to carry and can be placed on the street “so you can cross wherever pleases you”.

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