Pray On The Way

A while ago we read that Kansas City has installed multiple prayer booths in public space where citizens can pray while they’re on the go. The news didn’t turn out to be true — the booths are a prank by artist Dylan Mortimer.

Each of the prayer booths in Kansas City comes with clear instruction that tell users how to use the booth. After the kneel bar is lowered, the caller has to position himself or herself within, to not impede others around them. After the prayer, the caller is asked to return the kneelbar to an upright position.

Prayer booth

Prayer booth

“We said these prayer booths are not just for Christians, but for any person to take a break to close their eyes, ask out loud for what they need in life and just take a break from it all. It is like having a free counseling session” said local pastor Reverend Miles Collier. A remarkable side effect of the installation of the prayer booths was that crime rates had dropped tremendously in areas where they had been installed. Unfortunately the news was too good to be true, as the entire project turned out to be a fake intervention.

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