Nomadic Designer Hits the Roads of Sweden

So, you just graduated from the art and design school and you have to take the next step. Would that be launching your business and start to work? Would it be going on an inspirational journey? Erik Olevsson from Sweden decided to do both!

Instead of waiting for commissions and inspiration to come, he decided to hit the road and hunt for them! Since March 2012 he’s been traveling all around Sweden with his camper van (his Designbuss), that functions both as a house and a working studio, seeking for his next project.

Eriks Designbuss
Eriks Designbuss

His pop-up business is offering services related to graphic design and printing to local companies, while his payment comes in the form of exchanging services. He believes that inspiration can only be found in real life and face to face interaction and not behind a desk. The Designbuss itself functions as a means of self-advertisement, as it is painted with what appears to be his signature pattern, and the space in front of it serves as a café terrace. Though, sometimes, its roof might also function as a live stage!

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