Leave It To Olli

Meet Olli, Local Motors’ 3D-printed, autonomous, electric shuttle bus. Designed to streamline shared transportation systems around the world, this self-driving car could be the answer to public transportation issues. On top of it all, Olli is partially recyclable.

As long as you have a smartphone, where ever you are is a bus stop. And wherever you’re going is the next stop. The Olli app puts control into the palm of your hand. App accessibility allows users to find existing routs, share an Olli, or charter an Olli of their own. Set pick-up and destination locations, ride from point to point, then pay through the app. Much like Uber, just call Olli through the app and it will show up to take you to your destination. Plus it talks to you!


Controlled by the IBM Watson supercomputer, Olli relies on more than 30 sensors and streams of data from IBM’s cloud. This cognitive learning platform is car-focused and interacts directly with passengers. Olli understands human language and text, allowing for passengers to interact directly with Olli. Passengers will be able to ask questions about vehicle operations, give directions, and ask for recommendations on restaurants or tourist sites based on the passenger’s personal preferences. This fleet management system creates a “symbiotic ecosystem” combining the central operation center and the customer app.


Olli’s self driving software allows for fast decision making, helping to keep passengers safe. Lidar and optical cameras allow Olli to see in all directions; while Olli’s activity and the safety of riders is monitored at all times by humans. Additionally, as an electric vehicle, emissions and noise pollution are reduced, helping to improve the environmental health of cities. Of course there is also the need for customization, the exterior of the vehicle is completely customizable, allowing for a reflection of the riders, city, or campus. So sit back and relax, Olli will let you know when you have arrived at your destination.


Local Motors has suggested the use of Olli to fill gaps in city transit systems, transporting students across campuses, or even transporting employees across corporate grounds. Holding 12 passengers, Olli offers a small scale solution to transportation needs. Through app accessibility and convenience, passengers can travel between destinations with a sense of ease. Taking self-driving vehicles to the next level, Olli is ready to get to work, as soon as regulations allow it.

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