Jewellery Pops Up In A Hardware Coat

If you were to go to the Red Light District in Amsterdam, for a long time it was obvious what you would get to see. Since a few years however, that has somewhat changed. Red Light Fashion and Red Light Art replaced the prostitutes behind the windows and gave it a new impulse.

Temporary Jewellery Store, Amsterdam

That also goes for Red Light Design, a collaboration between the city of Amsterdam, Ymere and Droog Design. Red Light Design forms a place where the work of six international top-jewellery designers is connected. The participating designers, although working independently, share the same conceptual approach towards contemporary jewellery in a way that jewellery is not simply restricted to its role of body adornment but provides an artistic statement. Passing visitors can admire their latest works in window displays that were ones used by prostitutes and have a glimpse into the ateliers that lie behind.

Moving forward, Ineke Heerkens, Jantje Fleischhut and Jeannette Jansen opened a guerrilla store in Amsterdam with an enormous amount of international contemporary jewellery. The store is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from the 5th tot the 19th of December. Pop-up or guerrilla stores are becoming more common with the day. The beautiful part of this store however, is that it shows the jewellery in what appears to be a hardware shop including its typical perforated walls and supermarket trolleys. This intriguing combination succeeds in its aim to trigger the nerve of consumerism and provides a sparkling place where new jewellery design can both be admired and purchased. Strange and unexpected combinations like this provide a certain thrill and makes you wonder why it’s still quite unique.

Temporary Jewellery Store, Amsterdam

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