Indoor Street Food Stall Pops Up In London

Creative studio eks why zed designed the interior of this temporary bun shop in London. The lay-out of the 10 square meters shop is inspired by the Japanese ‘izakaya’ format, and shows that low-cost can make a big impact.

Yum Bun serves hand-made, pillow-soft steamed buns filled to order with a changing selection of quality, fresh ingredients. The little shop is in place for only 10 months, which asked for more creativity from the designers when it came to the (low) budget and the material. At the same time the circumstances allowed for some experimentation.

Yum Bun shop, London

Yum Bun shop, London

The important elements in the Yum Bun shop’s interior, the bar and the canopy, are made from raw pine. The interior design refers to the characteristic Asian street food culture — the shop feels like an indoor version of a food stall. Street food seems to be a source of inspiration for more interiors. In February we featured this grill restaurant in Bangkok that feels like an ‘indoor street’, with a flexible interior consisting of characteristic Asian public space objects ranging from food carts and light signs to street floor patterns and open kitchens.

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