How To Make An Office On Wheels

Being convinced that things can be redesigned to be better for people, app maker David McKinney decided to make a better version of his office. The most important aspect of his office redesign: a set of wheels.

McKinney’s office on wheels is a converted Ford Transit van completely equipped with everything you need for the usual office job: a desk, Wi-Fi and enough power to supply your laptop for a full day of working. The best thing is, of course, you can drive it anywhere you’d like. Perfect when you need to do some work in between meetings, or just drive it to the beach when you need some seclusion.

Office on wheels

To create as little distraction as possible McKinney didn’t create a window in the wall on the desk-side of the van. If you do want to enjoy the view while you’re working, sit down on the couch and just slide open the two side doors. The office van has a separate battery system to power the office devices which makes it impossible to run down the regular battery that starts the van. The 4G WiFi hub is connected to a radio receiver to make sure there’s a perfect Internet connection anywhere you want to go.

Office on wheels

Office on wheels

The only thing that’s missing to make the perfect office space for me, is a coffee machine. But this can’t be too hard to install. Otherwise you can just drive your office to the nearest coffee bar. If you want to make your own office van, check out McKinney’s blog article for more technical details.

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