Holiday In A Bookstore

We just found a holiday paradise for book worms. A book store in the Scottish town Wigmore came up with the idea to rent out their flat upstairs as Airbnb accommodation, and ask guests to volunteer in the bookstore downstairs during their stay.

In the past decade over 500 independent book stores in Great Britain had to close their doors. In an attempt to counteract that trend, The Open Book has found another way to attract new customers. In 2014 the initiative was set up with the aim to attract more creative talents in the small seaside town and to draw attention to the problem of booksellers.

The Open Book

The Open Book

Volunteers in the shop are held responsible for the regular duties of the bookseller. You’ll have to open or close the bookstore, sell the books, stocking, and design the shop windows. Add to that, the people of The Open Book will ask you to keep a blog to document your experiences. If you are interested in some working holidays, you can book the flat for a minimum of six days, which has space for up to two persons, on Airbnb.

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