Help This Power Plant Puff Out Smoke Rings

It’s the secret wish of every smoker: being able to launch stylish circles of smoke into the air. But it takes some training. Imagine how complex it is to make a chimney blow circles of smoke. This is exactly what architects Bjarke Ingels and Jacob Lange want a Copenhagen energy plant to do.

To make this happen the partners at the notorious BIG architecture office have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This enables inhabitants of the Danish capital to co-create a new city icon with a sustainable aura. The Amager Bakke Waste-to-Energy Plant is designed to generate power by incinerating waste and is said to become the cleanest power plant in the world. At the same time the plant will function as a skiing slope during winter. Nice.

Steam Ring Generator

Steam Ring Generator

“The world’s first steam ring generator”, that will be built into the plant’s chimney, should challenge people’s perception of what a power plant can be, and raise awareness about CO2 emissions. Moreover, the installation will give the city a new icon, and will therefore be a a huge contribution to Copenhagen’s international marketing. With crowd-funding money the final test model can be made. The fact that the project has already reached its goal shows that people are willing to pay for exciting public architecture.

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