Hand-Woven Fiber Walls Make Interiors Flexible

Dutch designer Wies Preijde has created a great series of hand-woven walls that work as flexible dividing structures for apartments.

Forget about the boring what wall in your apartment, but make the walls the eye-catchers of the new interior. The neatly designed structures create new perspectives on the space. A combination of lines, colors, views and passageways gives the observer the idea of walking through a transparent home. The weaving is created with fiber, which makes the walls very strong and sustainable.

Hand-woven walls by Wies Preijde

Hand-woven walls by Wies Preijde

The patterns on the woven walls show some kind of 3D effect which provides an illusional as well as a physical subdivision of the room. This is even strengthened by the the illumination effects caused by the transparency of the woven walls. Altogether the walls give the space a very interesting tension that makes people want to wander around and explore. This first piece was set up as an installation, but future option of woven walls that are more flexible in terms of interior design are definitely possible in less artistic settings. What about using woven fiber walls as part of a renovation project, or to refurbish you own apartment? This concept provides new options for flexible living.

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