Give Your City A Virtual Paint Job With Tagtool

Tagtool is an iPad application developed to function as a portable, intuitive instrument for projection painting. The app was created by Vienna-based OMAi, an agency that offers interactive art and entertainment services.

The concept of being able to project your digital drawing and/or animation while on its creative process has been on its developers’ minds for quite a long time. Their initial invention was a DIY complex of devices which allowed them to create their application with a more intuitive functionality. The new generation seems to work more as a digital finger-painting process, where the artist uses the tablet as a desktop equipped with piece(s) of paper and colors. It’s also great that the interface can be adjusted for left-handed as well!


What is more, the app allows the connection of more than one users with the same ‘painting’, by simply using a wireless network. Thus, it is possible to have a collaborative session of projection painting. The only constraint of the concept is that it should be dark in order to see the result.



The app has already been tested in both the private and the public realm. The one that seems to be the most interesting is that of the public, where a system of one or more iPads and a video projector can create a spontaneous mural or even an animation projection on a building. Needless to say that the idea of live street art (as we’d say live concert) either as an organized event or as a guerilla intervention is very promising and would create a pleasant nighttime surprise!

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