DIY Kit Encourages Urbanites To Share Their Tables With Strangers

Some people find the idea of sharing their table with strangers utterly intolerable. Others see the word ‘stranger’ as ‘potential best friend’. The latter should move to Brazil, where amongst a variety of other interaction-based projects, a new trend is popping up.

‘Mesa Livre’, which means ‘free table’, is a DIY project that intends to encourage people to share their tables in restaurants with others. Not only to free up space, but with the intention of allowing people the means to meet new friends.

Mesa Livre

Mesa Livre

On the project’s homepage people will find a link that leads them to a downloadable PDF file of a sign that says “Feel free to share the table with me”. In order to take part, one has only to download, print and fold the sign, then take it to lunch or dinner whenever one feels like connecting or that getting to know strangers would be nice.

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