Colorful Artwork On The Move In Austria

Austrian artist and choreographer Willi Dorner uses human bodies to create temporary sculptures which question the uses of architecture and public space.

The artist’s performance piece, ‘Bodies in Urban Spaces’, features a group of colorfully dressed dancers and performers who tend to tuck themselves into nooks and crannies of temporary locations. Passers-by are prompted to reflect upon their urban surrounding and think about their own movement throughout the city.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban SpacesBodies in Urban Spaces

As the artist uses real people to create these temporary performances and sculptures, they are impermanent works and a colourful joy to spot! The performers lead the audience through selected public or semi-public locations throughout the city. As the performances take place throughout the day, they are always changed depending on the activities happening at the moment.

Bodies in Urban Spaces

Bodies in Urban Spaces

The project is currently taking place all throughout Austria, in predominately tourist hot spots. Keep your eyes peeled for these colorful performers, there’s no space off limits for this bunch!

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