Collapsible Urban Shelters

Brooklyn-based artist and architect Chat Travieso has designed a series of collapsible shelters for urban camping purposes.

Made of steel, wood, aluminum, masonite, plastic, foam, canvas, and found cart, Travieso’s good-looking one-person structures are foldable and allow for easy set-up anywhere in the urban jungle. The collapsible shelters No. 1 No. 2 and No. 3 are light-weight and could be used as little homes for urban campers or homeless people.

Collapsible urban shelters

Collapsible urban shelters

Nevertheless, the foldable shelters are not really meant to be used as a living space — they’re rather playful urban interventions that encourage people to question the role of public and private spaces in the city. With his tactical interventions Travieso aims to let people perceive the city in a different way.

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