Hybrid Space

Codi Lets You Co-Work From Your Neighbour’s Living Room

Maximising underused urban space offers new potential, especially in highly expensive cities. Codi, a startup from San Francisco, lets you turn your living room into a co-working space.

People who are at work during the day or who work from home and have some extra space can apply to be hosts. It may be difficult to convince people to let strangers in their homes, Codi does a background check on both the hosts and the platform users. Also, hosts are insured against any damage.


Codi’s founder also recognises that the concept could have broader benefits for both the single neighbourhoods and the whole city. Instead of driving to the other side of the city or commuting on a crowded train, the startup wants to enable workers to only walk a few blocks to another home reducing congestion. The idea is supposed to support local businesses and let people discover the neighbourhood as well.


The app was created when its founder noticed that she was more productive when working from friends’ homes. In trials run by Codi, users have said they prefer the atmosphere of a real living room for co-working to spaces designed to replicate cosy homes. Platforms like Codi offer a new perspective on the transformation of underused everyday spaces as well as on the concept of working from ‘home’.

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