Club 11’s Comeback

Famous temporary club, restaurant and event space Club 11 Amsterdam is working on a comeback. Opening its doors March 2009, Club 11 pops up at a new temporary location: the printing plant in the former building of newspapers Het Parool and Trouw at the Wibautstraat.

The new club space, which will be separated from the restaurant by a gallery, has got a capacity of 450 people. The basement of the building is being turned into a contemporary art gallery slash playground. The decor of the industrial space will remain limited; interior designers just make use of the stuff that was found in the empty building.

During the last years, temporary club, restaurant and event space Club 11 was a leading spot in Amsterdam’s nightlife. Situated at the top floor of a former postal building (named POST-CS) near the city’s Central Station, 11 offered a great night programmes full of quality electronic music, contemporary (video) art and design, and a fantastic panorama view over the sleeping Dutch capital. June 2008 the club had to close its doors due to planned reconstruction work to the building.

Photo: Merlijn Hoek

Club 11’s success can be partly based on its temporary character. The strategy of popping up and disappearing after a while prevents the club from boring people out. It also kindly invites people to celebrate its temporary existence, because the time is now! We are looking forward to March.

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