Chicago’s Elevated Park Ready To Bloom

Like the wildly successful High Line park in New York City, the Bloomingdale Trail will be Chicago’s celebrated elevated park. Just days ago, planners submitted a framework plan to guide the community-oriented design process.

The Bloomingdale Trail will be 2.7 miles of rail-to-park conversion, making it double the length of the High Line. It will also be wider, incorporate bicycle lanes, and act as a connector for its many adjacent parks. The length of the park runs through four different Chicago neighbourhoods of diverse socio-economic levels, including the rough-and-tumble Humboldt Park.

Community participation is highlighted at each step of the planning process, with involvement in projects such as mural art. The park will be the culmination of almost a decade of revitalization efforts from local communities and concerned citizens. Completion of the park is slated for 2014.

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