Pop-up saunas are hot, not only in steamy eucalyptus water damp itself, but on this blog as well. One month ago we reported about a folding felt sauna that Studio Elmo Vermijs is currently finishing. Now we stumbled upon more hot sauna stuff by the Prague-based architects of H3T. They designed a couple of movable saunas to pop-up at different places in cities. They already created a flying sauna, a floating sauna and a transportable sauna, which as far as I can judge, look to be more or less the same design.

H3T’s latest design that Inhabitat features is the Bicycle Sauna Kolonk. A brand new design, made from wood and plastic and canvas that can be attached to a bike and dragged to a river or lake. Its creators explain: “With respect to the necessary comfort, dimensions are minimal. The materials used are light and durable. The front tilt is in a way reference to the legendary Velorex three-wheeler.” The sauna has capacity of up to six people. If you feel like trying it out, visit the Bajkazyl website.

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