Berlin Stadium Turns Into The World’s Biggest Living Room

The 2014 FIFA World Cup (that started yesterday for those who missed it) inspired a German event agency to turn the stadium of football team Union Berlin into a giant living room for people to watch the games together.

During the World Cup, the Stadion An der Alten Forsterei in Berlin gets a second life as World Cup Living Room, or the WM Wohnzimmer. The living room is based on the BYOS (Bring Your Own Sofa) principle. In order to create that cozy atmosphere, initiator Gerald Ponesky asked fans who want to come and watch football to bring their own seating to the stadium. Yesterday the organization already registered 780 sofas, with more to be expected.

World Cup Living Room

World Cup Living Room

Lamps, tables, and 38,000 square feet of retro wallpaper around the 700-inch screen complete the living room experience. Yesterday, around 12,000 people came to the World Cup Living Room to watch the opening match between Brazil and Croatia.

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