AT&T Launches Solar Mobile Charging Stations In NYC

As part of an ongoing effort to keep New Yorkers connected, telecom provider AT&T launches free solar mobile charging stations in public spaces across the five boroughs of the Big Apple.

Remember the good ‘ol days of the Nokia 3310, that needed a battery recharge only a few times a week? Times have changed. Current smartphones are so powerful they need to be recharged much more often, which can be a true pain in the ass, especially when you’re on the go. Last month AT&T started rolling out Street Charge, a project that brings solar-powered charging stations for mobile phones to 25 spots in New York City, that “make charging a phone as easy as a walk in the park”.

AT&T Street Charge

AT&T Street Charge

The Street Charge stations are obviously more than some piece of street furniture. The interesting thing here is that they seem to be function as little meeting places. Almost everyone needs a battery recharge from time to time, so the solar-powered stations make the perfect occasions for people to relax for a moment and say “Hi” to a stranger who is in the same situation.

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