An Urban Plug-In Park That Tastes Like Coke

Spicing up public spaces with little interventions is something urban hackers have been busy with for quite some years. Also brands start to see a potential way of being visible in cities by improving the public realm through branded hacks, such as Coca-Cola, that introduces a truck that’s able to roll out an urban park.

The one-of-a-kind pop-up park machine is specially made for the soft drinks company, and was first launched in Vilnius, Lithuania as part of the company’s global project ‘Where Will Happiness Strike Next’. Coca-Cola’s ‘Roll Out Happiness’ truck’ aims to make gray urban spaces a little more happy. The temporary intervention, that has the shape of a Coca-Cola’s famous bottle, produces real grass and invites passers-by to take of their shoes, enjoy the sun and relax a bit (while enjoying a refreshing Coke, of course).

Roll Out Happiness

Roll Out Happiness

The project is carried out quite well and reminds of earlier projects that were based on the same idea, but without the inevitable taste of Coke in your mouth. Flying Grass Carpet by Rotterdam-based HUNK-design, for instance, was a traveling park of artificial grass designed to give boring urban places a temporary green park. Gaëlle Villedary created Tapis Rouge!, a temporary intervention in the French town of Jaujacin that claimed to be the world’s longest park.

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