Hybrid Space

Amsterdam Café Turns Into Cocktail Bar After Dark

Karavaan is a venue in Amsterdam with a flexible interior capable of changing function over the course of a day.

Karavaan (Dutch for “caravan”) is everything at once — from the café, restaurant and bar to group- and workspaces and living room, enabling the visitors to find their preferred zone depending on the time of day. Studio Modijefski gave each zone its own colours, fabrics and design specifics to represent different landscapes — meadow, swamp, forest, mountain and desert.


However, it’s primarily the bar that changes function throughout the day. From a morning coffee spot, it becomes a window seat for an evening drink. The transition is signalised by the mirrored light panels above the bar, that can be flipped, changing Karavaan Kaffeïne into Cocktail Karavaan. This way the venue was designed to be both adaptable and suitable for all occasions.

Playing around its all-day-night concept, Karavaan is open late and additionally offers DJs on the weekends. Such an idea of a venue that can be anything you want it to be, perfect for parents, freelancers, friends and couples, presents a different perspective on the multipurpose spaces.

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