A Pop-Up Bowling Center In A Nightclub

A temporary bowling hall has popped up in Amsterdam. In collaboration with Club Lebowski, nightclub Trouw will be accommodating three professional bowling lanes in the basement of its building — a former newspaper printing plant. From February 7 until March 2, people are invited to throw strikes and spares.

The guys behind Club Lebowski, who own and rent out the mobile bowling lanes, bought the complete vintage bowling system from a bankrupt bowling center. They transformed it into a modular system that can be plugged into any space that is big enough. It took them three days to install the bowling lanes in Amsterdam and build a wooden framework that supports the system.

Club Lebowski Amsterdam

Club Lebowski Amsterdam

Club Lebowski will be open from Tuesday to Saturday. On these days, renting a bowling lane costs €10/hour. During club hours at night it’s free to go down to the basement and throw some bowling balls with friends.

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