A Hitchhiking Spot for Cyclists

The Dutch Cyclists' Union (Fietsersbond) has teamed up with artist Mapije de Wit to create public hitchhiking spots for bicycle riders in the city of Utrecht.

Signs were illegally attached to street poles at six places close to the city’s central train station. The texts on the signs say that this location is an ‘official’ hitchhiking spot for cyclists. People who want to get a lift on the back of a bike should stay close to sign and make the famous international hitchhiking gesture with their arm. Passers-by on bikes could offer them a lift to another spot in the city.

Hitchhiking spot for cyclists in Utrecht
Hitchhiking spot for cyclists in Utrecht

With this initiative the Cyclists’ Union wants to ask Dutch bicycle owners to be a little more social by offering others a ride if possible. According to the Dutch NOS News, the idea seems to work. Lots of people are willing to offer strangers a lift on their bikes. City officials say that they like the plan, but have to remove some of the signs as it is forbidden to install your own signs in public space.

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