3D-Printed Off-Grid House Comes With A Truck

International architecture firm SOM came up with a 3D-printed off-grid house that’s transportable to any place thanks to its unique combination with a truck. The truck and the house that come together are separable, but share one wireless energy system.

Meet AMIE 1.0. This next take on the camper trailer is the ideal way to enable a nomadic life while respecting nature. Both the house and the truck do not expel any CO2, and designing house and truck together has helped to cut down on material usage and construction waste according to the designers. The project is neatly designed thanks to a 3D printing technique that made a biometric shape possible. But also the way in which the windows and solar panels are integrated in the structure is really clever. The 3D printed panels of which the house is build up serve multiple purposes: next to being the facade, they also provide instant insulation, structural support and moisture protection. This shows the advantages of the advanced printing system that has been used in the project.

AMIE 1.0

AMIE 1.0

The project is a collaboration between Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) and the US Department of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, that helped developing the vehicle. The idea of a cabin and a car sharing one energy system is unique and interesting for off-grid living purposes. The car’s battery helps to store energy during peaks and deliver the energy back when needed in the house for lighting and the central micro-kitchen. The solar panels on the house provide enough energy to recharge the vehicle’s battery. What’s also interesting about this system is that the energy is transmitted wireless between the cabin and the truck. SOM’s AMIE 1.0 something that may open up new doors on how we used off grid living, construction forms and energy usage in the near future.

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