100 Interventions In 1 Day In Cape Town

There are music festivals, film festivals, literary festivals, food festivals and so many more. One particular festival, however, is difficult to pinpoint in one word and can only somewhat vaguely be described as a truly and purely ‘citizen-driven festival of doing’. Its more catchy name: 100 in 1 Day.

Moving away from a government-led top down method on the 25th of May, 2013 citizens of Cape Town took charge over their city to manifest over 100 interventions all around town. As diverse as its inhabitants so were the interventions. To name only a few: The Taxi Cab Lunch (have lunch with your cab driver), Guerilla Gardening, Knitting for the Homeless, Park in Process (turning parking spaces into temporary parks), Moop Swoop (handing out trash bags and asking strangers to pick up trash), Walking Classifieds (blackboard with legs), and Costal Clean Up – Fish don’t smoke.

100 in 1 Day Cape Town

100 in 1 Day Cape Town

What defined an intervention was a. its ability to maximize the potential of a city, b. its base upon dreams and needs, c. it is designed and lead by Cape Town citizens and d. it addresses societal challenges. Have a look at the other interventions or get more details on their website.

100 in 1 Day Cape Town

100 in 1 Day was not an one-time-only festival as it was part of a global movement of citizen empowerment. Its roots lie in Bogotá, Colombia where the idea was born in 2012 and more than 250 dreams were manifested through urban interventions. From there, the idea spread to Costa Rica, El Salvador, Denmark and other countries.

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