Modular Parks On Wheels Pop Up In Azerbaijan’s Capital

Rebar Group and N55 have joined forces to create a modular pop-up park called Parkcycle Swarm. The design, a combination of a park and a bicycle, is built to be moved around the city and instantly greenify urban spaces.

The greatest thing about the modular park concept is the fact that the green vehicles can move around the city alone and transform spaces such as parking spots into small urban gardens, but also come together and create a big park. The Parkcycle Swarm was launched in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku during the Public Art Festival 2013. The installation invites and stimulates city dwellers to participate in the project by pedaling the mini parks through the city themselves.

Parkcycle Swarm Parkcycle Swarm Parkcycle Swarm

San Francisco-based Rebar Group has gained international recognition for their Park(ing) Day, which is currently organized in cities all across the globe. This project deals with the same spatial issue — in many cities there’s too much space for cars and too less space for relaxation. Moreover, the designers strongly support the development of urban cycling culture. The Parkcycle Swarm is not the first traveling park. Back in the days our friends of HUNK-design traveled the world with their Flying Grass Carpet. A few years before, the Dutch artist Kevin van Braak turned an old caravan into a transportable park.