Mellowcabs Shows That Taxis Can Be Free

In an age of traffic congestion, carbon emissions and poor public transport integration with high costs, cities around the world are being forced to rethink traditional means of transport. In response to this, Mellowcabs have emerged in South Africa, electric vehicles with advertisements on them that provide free ‘micro transport’ for commuters within a three-kilometer radius.

The concept of Mellowcabs is to offer free public transport that’s being paid for by brands who want to use the vehicles as an advertising medium. With cutting-edge technology, including built-in tablet computers, the passenger can expect to ride in style to their destination. The cab also includes led side panels, which illuminate it in the dark in addition to creating a better aesthetic for the advertisement.

Mellowcabs Mellowcabs

Mellowcabs instils a driver-orientated plan resulting in the empowerment of drivers in addition to the creation of new jobs. Although appearing small, the vehicles are the only of their kind to be internationally road worthy and are made in South Africa from recycled materials. Mellowcabs provide an exciting opportunity for advertising acting as mobile billboards that can be seen and experienced on a daily basis.