Google Street Scene: Moments From Cinema Captured By Street View Cameras

It seems that the World Wide Web and the potential generated when you mix one concept and Internet tool with another are really inexhaustible. Though it’s only been a week since map enthusiast Tre Baker launched his new Tumblr (check out the other one here), things have gone wild in the blogosphere. Google Street Scene is the perfect combination of Google Street View aesthetics, cinephile interests and challenging quizzes.

Baker has taken snapshots of famous movies’ and series’ scenes and manipulated them by adding some Street View magic! Details such as blurring faces, cursors, information, copyrights, lines and the shadow of the Google Street View vehicle bring those film scenes into the realm of reality. “So taking something as familiar as the opening chase scene on Princes Street from Trainspotting and turning it into an incident that’s casually observed – like an apple farm in Washington State – that’s pretty cool, I guess”, says Baker in his interview with We Heart.

Google Street Scene Google Street Scene Google Street Scene

Needless to say, that I have personally spend almost half an hour browsing this Tumblr blog, trying to constrain myself and not look at the ‘solution’ beneath the pictures and test my motion picture knowledge! Why not try yours as well?