Fish And Chips From A Rooftop Farm

We have seen plenty rooftop farming initiatives over the past years here on Pop-Up City, but this one takes the ideas about farming and repurposing rooftops to a new level. Something & Son have initiated a peculiar sustainable farming project on the roof of a building in Folkestone, UK. The designers grow fish and other crops behind the facade of a characteristic fish and chips restaurant.

Built as part of the Folkestone Triennial, the ‘restaurant’ is an exploration of future urban food. “We wanted to find out how the traditional fish and chips would be produced in the future” explains co-founder Paul Smyth to Dezeen. The farm is a polytunnel with experimental aquaponic systems inside. The fish and chips shop works as a facade and is meant to attract visitors that have to buy the produce from the roof.

Fish & Chips Fish & Chips Fish & Chips

Although many people expect to buy fish and chips on the Folkestone rooftop, there will be no fish and chips ready to cook yet. After two months, the initiators hope to be ready to produce their first portion of fish and chips. The next step will be to scale up the production.