Dude, Where’s My Bus?

With the legalization of cannabis spreading across the United States, the State of Colorado has been always been able to put their unique stamp on things. Loopr, a new bus concept in Denver, is the next step into that direction.

The cannabis-friendly bus drives in a continuous loop around Denver on weekends. This not only allows people to enjoy their cannabis legally, but also enables them to travel Denver like they never have before. The concept is BYOC, bring-your-own-cannabis, and the bus is fiercely customized to create a truly magical experience. It passes by night life districts, restaurants, hotels, concert veneus or other ‘munchie hotpots’. In fact it could be considered as another pub crawl party bus, but the space is so nice people easily stay on board all night long.

Loopr Loopr

Owner Bryan Spatz conceived the idea as a way to solve Colorado’s cannabis consumption problem. Tourists can legally purchase cannabis, but they have no place to legally consume it. Public consumption is illegal, and only a handful of places label themselves als being cannabis-friendly. But a bus is considered a private space, making it one of the only safe havens available in which cannabis tourists can legally partake, as the law doesn’t apply to private vehicles. Other U.S. states that recently legalised cannabis, like Oregan and Washington, don’t have that exemption making Colorado a unique opportunity for Loopr.

Loopr Loopr

“Loopr celebrates cannabis, helping to place it where it belongs — fully integrated into the cultural and entertainment heart of a vibrant, cannabis-friendly city,” says owner Bryan Spatz. The app has a very Uber-esque feel to it, and adds a new unique chapter to the uberisation movement. Loopr is already a big hit around Colorado and anyone who’s interested can choose between a one day pass, three day pass or seven day pass. Once you download the app, you can watch the tiny bus move along a map of the city, and hop on.