Don’t Forget To Pack Your House!

Designed as a solution to the unaffordable housing market, all(zone) has created semi-permanent houses which allow users to inhabit underutilized environments.

The Bangkok-based design team created this project in response to the current real estate market and its neglect for the current young middle-class. On the flip-side of this housing crisis, many high-rise buildings are left empty. all(zone) seeks to reclaim these neglected spaces by providing short to medium-term living accommodations with their lightweight structures.

Light House Light House

Light House is an 11.5m2 scheme composed of perforated walls, designed for Thailand’s mild climate. The units contain a central work-live room, and a small changing area. Designed for a $1200 budget, the micro-dwellings are easily dismantled and reassembled, working around the nomadic demographic as well. “It’s a bit larger than moving a suitcase”, says all(zone) co-founder Rachaporn Choochuey.

Light House Light House Light House

As these dwellings are easy to set up anywhere there’s an existing floor and a roof, it is easy to build and establish communities with these units. Instead of paying rent for a room or apartment, the prototypes are intended to be set up in empty spaces, especially those at risk for squatters. While the perforated walls may not be suited for unseasonable environments, the project is certainly an interesting solution to a global housing crisis.