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Plaza Móvil Changes Streets Into Pop-Up Parks

Shouldn’t the city become more of a place for relaxation, games, sports and social activities instead of a place for traffic, cars and pollution? Industrial designer Manual Rapoport came up with Plaza Móvil, a portable street park that temporarily takes traffic away from the streets in Buenos Aires and changes them into mobile parks. With recycled materials like car tires and supermarket carts, Rapoport makes mobile street furniture as well as play and game equipment for kids that pops up on streets at hours with low traffic. All elements of Plaza Móvil are easily transportable to other parts of the city. With his project, Rapoport aims to bring instant recreational facilities to the people that don’t live close to parks and playgrounds.

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Designer Roger Narboni Turns Hangzhou’s Grand Canal Into A Landmark Of Light

Hangzhou is a core city on the Yangtze River Delta renown for its local natural beauty. The city also plays an important economic role being positioned on the southern end of China’s Grand Canal, which spans over 1,700 km to Beijing in the north. This canal has been significant to the region’s economic development for over a millennium. Spatially, the canal is Hangzhou’s primary defining feature.

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Thirsty Yemen Drinks Water From Rooftops

Today’s World Water Day — a nice occasion to highlight the great R.A.I.N.S. project that has just kicked off in Yemen’s capital Sana’a. Initiated by Sana’a resident Sabrina Faber, the program provides an innovative solution for water shortage by modifying existing rooftop structures in the city to capture, filter and store rain water. R.A.I.N.S., which stands for Rainwater…

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CityTouch: The Urban Lighting System Of The Future

Intelligent technologies allow for ground-breaking innovations in urban environments. A great example here is CityTouch, an online urban lighting management system developed by Philips that enables dynamic, intelligent and flexible control on a city-wide scale.  The CityTouch system is able to provide light precisely when, where and in the right amount needed. Why fully illuminate the…

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