Dutch Design Week 2012

Bike Design For The Urban Nomad

A group a nine master students presented their City Bike concept at this year’s Design Academy graduation show, part of this year’s Dutch Design Week. The concept combines a mobile workspace with the Dutch cargo bike. This means that ‘urban nomads’ no longer have to use their bike to get to their favorite workplace, but their bike becomes a workplace in itself. The cargo part of the bicycle can be transformed into a desk to work on with your laptop. Not bothered with colleagues or loud speaking coffee drinkers, this could be the ultimate form of mobile workplaces…

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Playful Drainpipes By Kasia Zareba

Every building has its drainpipes. Completely unnoticed the water flows from roofs to the ground. With any luck the pipes are hidden by an anonymous urban knitting activist, but most of the times grey drainpipes are just there hiding the water. Design Academy Einhoven graduate Kasia Zareba created a new type of drainpipe to make this water flow…

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